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Welcome to Stitchery & Co

A unique creative hub aimed at filling the gap in Textiles Education and creating a space where textile small businesses can thrive. We have four beautifully curated spaces inside our historical Melba Hall for you to explore. Each space is set up so that clients can take a class or workshop, host an event or presentation, or hire our sought-after equipment for their own creative endeavours. Whether you’re looking to learn, teach, hire equipment or simply want an inspiring place to sew, our spaces can be moulded to your needs.

Take a tour of the historical Melba Hall and see how we’ve transformed her interior with respect and care. Opened in Croydon by Dame Nellie Melba on the 30th of July 1927, we took on the space in December 2020 and spent 18 months renovating. Locals are thrilled to see that the hall has undergone extensive loving treatment after its doors opened 95 years ago.

Apart from our four creative spaces, the hall also offers a retail space where a selection of fabrics, tools and notions are available for purchase. A kitchenette, bathroom and laundry are also available for use.

We can’t wait for you to explore, learn, teach and be inspired to create.


Melba Hall’s new fit-out is as beautiful as it is creative, with each area serving a unique purpose. Each space can be hired for your creative needs, no matter their form. If you’d like to teach, learn, create or simply find inspiration, we have a space that can be personalised to you.


Stitchery and Co. is brimming with exciting, inspiring and informative events. We always envisioned a space where people from all walks of life could gather and thoroughly immerse themselves in the art of sewing and design.


Whether you’re seeking a sewing machine for quilting or an overlocker for polished seam finishing or a coverstitch for your stretchy project, Stitchery & Co. can assist with matching a machine for your needs. We’re open up to 7 days a week; drop in and arrange a demo.